Countrywide plumbing is family owned company, servicing Hobart, Kingston and the south east regions of Tasmania.

We pride ourselves with prompt, friendly service catering for all general plumbing needs from a tap washer to a full bathroom renovation, hot water system, new homes and extensions. Emergency call out and block drains.

Call our friendly staff for information regarding our services on 0427776456 . Alternatively feel free to browse the rest of this website.

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We cover everything from burst pipes, leaks, blocked sinks, toilets, and kitchen plumbing through to complete Solar installations, tilery, joinery and electrics. We operate a plumbing service in Mountain River areas for commercial plumbing.... [Read More++]


Solar heating can reduce a home's energy consumption by as much as 50%. Many people don't realize the energy required just for domestic hot water. In addition to domestic hot water, solar can heat a home, pool or hot tub. Solar heating beautifully supplements hydronic heating systems, such as radiant floors, radiant baseboards and panels. Hot water and space heating together account for close to half of an average home energy consumption. Solar hot water replaces that energy consumption with clean, free energy from the sun. A huge percent of our national energy consumption comes from our homes. Solar heater can and will make enormous progress toward a cleaner world and toward preserving natural resources.

Country Wide central heating systems either use a regular boiler or a system boiler to heat up both the water supply and the central heating. With the force of gravity, the water travels from a tank situated in the roof space to the heating cylinder where it’s converted from cold to hot water. It is then stored in the heating cylinder until it is needed at an outlet. A ‘feed’ or ‘expansion’ tank is used to ensure the volume of water in the system is at optimum level. The one drawback to gravity fed central heating systems is that large amounts of space are required in the loft to store tanks as well as an airing cupboard for a hot water cylinder.

Country Wide Plumbing have a highly skilled crew of service technicians, ready to answer your call regarding plumbing, sewer, drain and other issues. We have the experience and professionalism to get your project completed professionally and on time. Learn more about our Residential or Commercial/Industrial plumbing & sewer services.

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