Hot Water Systems

We are Hot Water Specialists, including;

  • Installation of electric,
  • gas,
  • heat pumps
  • Solar Hot water .
  • Radiator hot water
  • and Wet back systems

We service ALL hot water systems!

We have a wide knowledge of different systems that are available and we will explore the options that would suit your needs.

Radiator Hot water heating systems.

In a nutshell, the radiator hot water heating system, uses the heat from a wood stove, to heat up hot water, and also transfers the heat into panels in your rooms, to heat up the house.

The brand that we specialise in is  purmo radiators.

Gas Hot water systems

We install both natural gas, and lpg fuel systems.

We install gas instantaneous hot water systems, gas stoves

Electric Hot water systems

We install a full range of electric cylinders, a full range of sizes. We repair and maintain them

We do all electrical and plumbing for the system. We do full supply and replacement of failed hot water cylinders.

Wet backs.

There are two types of hot water cylinder, wet back system combination

  • » A low pressure unit with header tank option a copper coil.
  • » Main pressure tank connected through a heat exchanger.
  • » Solar system can utilise wet back as an ordinate heating source.

Other services include

Repair or replacement of old hot water cylinder within 24 hours this includes electrical and disposing of old cylinder

Solar Hot water

Please click link to view page on Solar Hot Water

Heat pump hot water

Please click link to view page on Heat Pump Hot Water