Heat Pump Hot Water

Heat pump hot water system

Using the heating power from the heat pump it is three times more efficient than a standard Hot water cylinder therefore saving up to 60% on your hot water electricity bill. The system produces less noise than a standard domestic heat pump and unlike the solar hot water system it operates day and night and no unsightly solar collectors.

There are 2 types of heat pump hot water systems;

  • Split system where the heat pump is separate from the system, this give the option of the cylinder been located inside with the heat installed out side. The tank can be either Stainless steel or standard mid steel cylinders.
  • Combine system: the heat pump is install on top of the cylinder and comes as one unite.

Our preferred systems are:


  • » Sanden stainless steel split Heat Pump hot water system(for brochure click image below)
  • » Rheem heat pump with electrical back up heat pump hot water system
  • » Quantum Domestic Heat pump (for brochure click image below)
  • Quantum Heat Pump Hot Water

Sanden Heat Pump Hot water system